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Bella Zoe

Hair Oil Cocktail by Nait

Hair Oil Cocktail by Nait

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This amazing Product is a hand made product. It contains 5 organic, pure and first cold press oils, such a Coconut, Castor, Almond, Olive and Avocado. Also, has a tea tree and lavander essential oil. It has an amazing smell. The main purpose of the product is to accelerate the growth of your hair, repair, to give shine, seal the split ends, nurturing your hair and scalp. Also, is great for curls to be use as a leave in to define your curls and as a serum.

You apply it on your hair before washing it, on dry hair, from scalp to the ends. Be careful with the amount, only small portions. Then, massage your scalp for few seconds. Leave it on for 30 minutes or more. After processing, wash your hair 3 times with your favorite shampoo and then, apply a very gentle conditioner. Final step, style your hair as you desire.

As a serum, you apply a very small portion from mid lengths to the ends to moisture your dry hair.

For curly hair, you can use it to define your curls applying from roots to ends on either damp or dry hair and activate the curls with your hands.

Also, you can use it as Makeup Remover, applying a small portion on a cotton pad, rubbing it on your skin to remove all the makeup....

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